Any modifications to your property must be submitted for approval PRIOR to any work or modifications begin on your property. 

Please note that if your association requires its own ARC Submission Form that it is provided along with any other supporting documents. If a fee is required per your association please provide proof of payment.

Please provide above information if request is from a contractor on behalf of the homeowner.
Please provide above information if request is from a contractor on behalf of the homeowner.
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1. No work will begin until written approval is received from the Association.
2. I assume all liability for any and all damages to other lots and/or common areas, which may result from performance of this work.
3. I am responsible for complying with all applicable federal, state and local laws, codes, regulations and requirements in connection with this work. I will obtain any necessary governmental permits and approval for the work.
4. Contractors are to be licensed and insured, if applicable. Job site will be cleaned up daily. Vehicles and/or materials will not be blocking sidewalks, driveways or roadways.
5. Decision times will vary per your Associations Covenants and Restrictions. I will be notified in writing via email or mail when the application is either approved or denied. Not receiving an approval does not waive the requirement to have written approval before work begins. 
1. Copy of the plat/lot survey with the location of the changes clearly drawn and labeled
2. Vendor proposal showing shape, height, materials and color to be used and the location
3. Color samples/pictures of the home showing example of intended change
4. If your Association has a specific form and/or a fee, please submit with submission

In accordance with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and the Association’s Rules and Regulations, if applicable, installation must conform to Association’s guidelines. I hereby request your consent to make the following changes, alterations, renovations and/ or additions to my property as referenced herein and/or attached