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HOA Services Provided




Under the Board’s direction, as your management company we will:


1.           Collect your assessment dues.  This includes printing and mailing invoices as well as follow-up statements.  We will process liens and foreclosures when necessary.


2.           Oversee the maintenance of all common areas.  This includes obtaining bids for landscaping, retention pond algae control, etc.


3.           Handle homeowner’s complaints and concerns as it pertains to your subdivision, which includes writing violation letters and having homeowners comply with the Covenants and Restrictions.


4.          Handle all Architectural Reviews and send approval letters to homeowners.  (You must receive PRIOR APPROVAL BEFORE doing any improvements to your home or lot.)


5.           Perform property inspections.


6.           Compile a monthly financial report and monthly recap reports for Board of Directors either by US Mail or email via a pdf.


7.           Prepare a yearly budget.


8.           Process all Community Association’s general correspondence.


9.           Pay the monthly expenses.


10.         Report to your Board of Directors/Developer.


11.         Provide information to closing attorney upon home purchase.


12.         Make sure all insurance and permits are up-to-date.


13.         Assist Board with all elections.


14.         Monitor all utility services.


15.         File and store all Association documents.


16.         Coordinate all mailings.


17.         Coordinate membership meetings.


18.         Provide on call services for emergencies.